The original feature of UAV SHOW is the open-air flight displays showing the operational capabilities of the systems over 7 real life tests (pipelines, electric lines, medias, measurements…)

Demonstrations take place at CESA drones test site, at Souge Camp

UAV SHOW is your chance to attend in flight demonstrations in the only French civilian flight-testing zone, and also to organize your own demonstrations over 7 different types of tests or on a private zone (only for partners and exhibitors )

Real life conditions flight displays: UAV SHOW’s real added value

A large number of drones will fly at Souge Camp and illustrate the professional uses of unmanned aerial vehicles: from a few grams up to heavier than a ton drones, helicopters and multi rotors (rotary wings), aircrafts (fixed wings) & MALE drones (medium altitude long endurance).

How to organize your UAV’s show”:

When you register, tick the “IN FLIGHT DEMONSTRATIONS AT CESA DRONES TEST SITE: SOUGE CAMP” package in the order form.

How to attend the UAV shows on real life conditions flight displays:

A regular shuttle will be available between the Pin Galant (exhibition place) and Souge Camp (demonstrations site).


AJS : high elongation operation and long endurance applications for safety and technical inspection

DELAIR TECH : two displays will be organised :

  • S4 flight with the first DT18 drone that the French and European aviation authorities allowed to fly out of sight, and that flew more than 100 000km in more than 35 countries.
  • Detection, recognition and identification flight, with the DT26-X drone

ENGIE LAB : two displays will be organised with the LYNX8 drone :

  • Data acquisition in both visible and infrared ranges for maintenance of photovoltaic panels
  • Pipelines inspection: environment 3D reconstruction from pictures

ENEDIS: inspection of a high voltage line portion, in order to diagnose, prevent or maintain

PILGRIM TECHNOLOGY will show a « scare away » drone that sends birds away from high risks environnements : airports, harbours or rubbish dumps.

SKEYETECH and DRONE PROTECT SYSTEM : worldwide first display of a monitoring and securing, self-powered drone

SNCF: two displays will be organised :

Facilities security with the DT26-X drone

3D LiDAR accuracy survey with multirotor tricopter